September 2020

Canadian Music Week Regional Finals

We’re taking part in what turned out to be a pretty neat thing put on by Canadian Music Week. Five bands were selected from eight major regions across Canada, and everyone made videos at a pretty cool studio in their area (we did ours at the National Music Centre in YYC).
The videos have all been put together and are being released as a web series in a couple weeks. Ours will be up October 14 at 7:00 MST.

Like most people, I’m not really a fan of internet voting things (which this unfortunately is) but I do have to commend the folks at CMW and Jim Beam for treating all the artists really well and fairly. This includes not making bands sign over any unneeded rights, giving everyone full ownership and control of the materials they paid to produce for the competition, and making all the logistical aspects run smoothly—especially given the current challenges of working in enclosed spaces with other humans.

We hope that when the video comes out on the 14th, you’ll give it a watch and listen.